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Shire is not just an IT company like other CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) providers. We are about much more than software supply and support.

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Implementation workshop

The best way to kick off your implementation is to complete a one-day Implementation Workshop directly after attending a training course. The Workshop gives you a flying start and provides a solid foundation on which you can build both your own and your organisation's success.

Our Implementation Workshop is completely customised to your individual needs. We work alongside you and key members of your team to firm up on crucial decisions - the system reports you'll need to gain control of equipment and maintenance activities, the best initial system configuration, and an implementation roadmap, identifying the first actions to take back in the workplace. You can really hit the ground running.

Implementation Workshops are generally held at our principal Learning Centre in Southampton. Workshops can also be held at your own premises.

Completing an assisted Workshop puts you on track for an effective, rapid and right-first-time CMMS implementation - delivering immediate and on-going bottom line gains for your organisation. The payback is very quick indeed.

When you're back at base, you can also call us anytime for further implementation advice.