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Shire is not just an IT company like other CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) providers. We are about much more than software supply and support.

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Home Consultancy Asset policy and maintenance strategy formulation

Asset policy and maintenance strategy formulation

- improving effectiveness and efficiency

When you need assistance with defining an asset policy and maintenance strategy that will fully support your organisation's strategic goals, then we can help you.

  • Assess the current performance of your organisation
  • Firm up on your future performance aspirations
  • Analyse your current performance gap
  • Develop 'what-if' strategies and action plans for gap closure

We will work with you to:

  • Align your system and practices with your organisation's strategic goals
  • Increase equipment availability, performance and quality capability - Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Improve your maintenance team's productivity
  • Decrease the cost of maintenance
  • Ensure safety, health and environmental compliance
  • Formulate effective basic care and preventive maintenance plans
  • Educate in maintenance strategy and best practices

Our specialist professionals can help you derive and implement a framework that will boost the overall effectiveness of your equipment and services - and your team's productivity. We know what works and, with good planning and timing, payback can be achieved within your organisation's current accounting period.

Whenever you bring us on board to help, you always remain in the driving seat. We work in the background, but in close contact with your key people, facilitating their success without impacting adversely on their daily operational roles.  We are business-focused and apply TPM, Lean and RCM principles only as appropriate to your organisation's strategic needs and internal constraints.