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Shire is not just an IT company like other CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) providers. We are about much more than software supply and support.

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Asset registration

Shire offers an asset registration service. When you have many assets, initial registration can be a huge undertaking and is often best done with extra assistance. With our Asset Data Collector software and a combination of site survey and information extraction from documents, we can rapidly compile an asset register which is as comprehensive or as basic as your needs require

With FrontLine, it's important to note that you don't need to register all your maintenance-demanding assets during system set-up. You can build your asset register 'as you go' - logging assets as arising events direct maintenance attention to them. This pragmatic approach can be quite acceptable. However, many organisations prefer to take the opportunity of CMMS implementation to compile a comprehensive asset register as part of the initial system set-up activities. It may be that the organisation's top management, Financial Controller, insurance company - or regulatory requirements, like those of Turnbull and Sarbanes Oxley - determine that this approach is the one to follow.