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The Help Line operates from 08:30 to 16:30 (UK time), Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays).

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Software Support Agreement

All our software has an initial 60 day free support period. Thereafter, we recommend that you take out an annual support agreement to ensure that you continue to have the benefit of:

  • unlimited free access to our technical support help line
  • free updates to new versions released in the course of the year
  • discounted rates for many of our other support services

Shire support agreements offer three major benefits in a single cost-effective package:

  • Expert advice when you're not sure what to do, for example, how to set up your PC's memory or choose the right settings for your printer.
  • Expert help if you're unlucky enough to have a problem during operation or something doesn't seem to work the way it should - our experienced Support Team can quickly put you on the right lines again, or help identify a hardware problem on your PC.
  • As the software improves and evolves (possibly as a result of suggestions that you yourself have made) you can stay up to date with the latest software updates completely free of charge.



    This agreement is between Shire Systems Limited of 1 Mountbatten Business Centre, Millbrook Road East, Southampton (the "Supplier") and the party entered overleaf (the "Customer"). It describes the support services to be supplied in respect of the products listed overleaf (the "Products").


    Support shall be provided by telephone, email or fax, between the hours of 08:30 and 16:30 Monday to Friday, excluding UK public holidays.


    The Supplier shall provide all reasonable assistance to the Customer in his understanding of the workings of the Products.

    The Customer shall make all reasonable attempts to use the associated reference manuals and other training aids before contacting the Supplier.


    If required, the Supplier shall provide assistance, over the telephone, with the initial installation and configuration of the Products within a DOS or Windows environment.

    In the event of any subsequent operational problem within the term of this agreement the Supplier shall make all reasonable efforts to identify the cause of the problem. If the problem is found to be caused by a fault in the Product, the Supplier shall rectify the problem and despatch new software disks to the Customer.

    If problems cannot be diagnosed over the telephone the Supplier may request that a copy of the Customer's data files be sent to the Supplier in confidence for further examination.


    As an essential condition of this agreement the Customer shall make frequent security backup copies of his data files. A cycle of five or more copies is recommended.


    During the term of this agreement the Customer is entitled to free updates to the products, (e.g from version 2.2 to 2.3), and the Supplier shall despatch these automatically. Intermediate releases (e.g. from Version 2.3.1 to 2.3.2) shall be despatched at the Supplier's discretion. Major new editions of the software (e.g. from version 1 to version 2) are not included under this agreement.


    The agreement shall remain in force for a period of twelve months and may be renewed annually thereafter provided that the Customer then operates the latest versions of the products.