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Pirana Hosted (Cloud)

Rapid Setup

Sign up to hosted Pirana today and you can side-step customary implementation delays and can be up and running straight away. You’ll also never have to face those time-consuming and scary IT issues.  Get it and forget it.

One size fits all

Pirana is ideal for both small and large organisations.  Those with a mobile workforce will find the advantages simply colossal.  A cost effective fee delivers everything: the application, support, backups and updates. Data is maintained at a secure data centre. To get going at your end, you only need a device with a web browser.


Shire ensures the security of your Pirana system by implementing industry best practices.  Your Pirana CMMS system is physically secure and the network is continuously monitored.  Furthermore, your Pirana system and data is protected by enterprise-class security tools and anti-virus software designed specifically for hosted systems.  These tools are stringently maintained to ensure the best protection for our customers, preventing unauthorised access or attack.

Minimal Setup Costs

In contrast to a CMMS deployed on your own premises, you don’t need any up-front capital, IT skills, new servers or other extra kit.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about system back-ups, crashes and unpleasant stuff like that.   Shire also automatically upgrades the system-in-use and will even monitor its correct usage. Pirana CMMS offers you the choice - either a fully implemented on premise system or a hosted option, giving you a broad scope of architectural, delivery and licensing options to fit your business needs.
Pirana  CMMS is used by over 10,000 organisations worldwide to manage their critical maintenance activities every day.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Minimal setup costs
  • No hardware or infrastructure investment
  • No IT skills necessary
  • No implementation delay
  • Simple, configurable and future-proof. Sign up for what you need now, add more modules later
  • Automatic updates. Only one the latest and best version is ever in use
  • Bullet-proof security. Data is access protected, fire-walled and backed up
  • Cost effective licensing - Lowest total lifetime cost of ‘ownership’

Technical Data

What is Pirana Hosting?

Pirana CMMS Hosted is a Computerised Maintenance Management System that allows sharing of data easily among users.  The system is hosted on remote servers to provide accessibility independent of location. As Pirana CMMS Hosted is web based, details can be accessed from any device that has a web browser and internet connection. This means that a workforce can be flexible in terms of their work locations.
Pirana Hosting is an attractive option because it incurs minimal capital outlay as the IT infrastructure (servers, routers, switches, firewalls, backup and software) are managed by Shire Systems.   We take away the IT hassles, all those day to day tasks you really don’t want to do such as installing, implementing, updating, supporting and backing up.  It is the alternative to doing it yourself which can be expensive and time consuming.

Quick and Easy Implementation

It takes very little time to setup a hosted Pirana system.  You can be up and running with a hosted Pirana system in hours as opposed to days, weeks or even months when doing it yourself.  If data integration and/or migration are required then it may take longer depending on the complexity of your existing systems.

PRIVACY - Your Pirana Hosted data is private and owned exclusively by  you.  Unauthorised use or access will not be permitted.

AVAILABILITY – Shire Systems endeavours to make your Pirana system available 100% of the time, 24x7x365 excluding scheduled maintenance.  Shire is not responsible for user error, hardware breakdown and connectivity problems which are outside of our control.

EASE OF ACCESS -  All you need is an internet browser and a connection to the internet.  You can access your system from a desktop, laptop, web-book, Mac and mobile phone.

PERFORMANCE - Pirana uses the latest Microsoft.Net and SQL database technology and resides on enterprise class servers.  It is expected that your Pirana system will perform satisfactorily via a broadband connection of no less than 8MB download/4MB upload.

There are a number of different factors with can affect the speed of service including:

  1. Speed of your network and computers - older IT equipment can struggle to keep up with modern super-fast connections
  2. Bandwidth - (the speed available) will be shared across all users.
  3. Congestion - typical broadband connections are 'contended' similar to the road network—this means that there isn't enough capacity for every user to use the service at full capacity, at the same time.

SUPPORTED WEB BROWSERS - The following web browsers are tested compatible with Pirana CMMS:  Microsoft Internet EXplorer 10 & 11, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  Other non-verified web browser may also function without error.

MAINTENANCE - Software updates are applied automatically.

DATABASE SIZE and DOCUMENT USAGE - Shire monitors data usage.  Shire do not automatically enforce data limits.  Where database size exceeds 5GB and stored documents exceed 2GB Shire reserve the right to charge increased hosting fees for subsequent hosting terms.  Additional fees if applicable will be agreed by both parties before commencement of hosting term.


  • The physical disk/s where Pirana systems reside are backed up each evening and retained for 7 days.
  • Your Hosted Pirana SQL database is backed up each evening and retained for 7 days.  Database backups made on a Friday are held for 30 days.
  • Finally, your Hosted Pirana SQL database backup is then copied off-site to for disaster recovery purposes.

SUPPORT - Shire provides comprehensive support for all its software products, from 08:30 to 16:30 (UK time), Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays).  Access to Support outside of these hours is available on request.