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We can offer you training and implementation services, from a dedicated team of consultants, either at one of our learning centres or your own premises.

Courses are designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding in the use of the software as well as guidance on setting up the systems in real life situations.

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Home Training Courses Pirana Purchasing Course

Pirana Purchasing Course



1 day


£450 per person


According to demand


Delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Purchasing system.

The delegate will learn to:

  • Request a Purchase
  • Send Requests for Quotation to Suppliers
  • Create Purchase Orders of various types
  • Approve, Send and Cancel Purchase Orders
  • Receive Deliveries and return goods to Supplier
  • Handle invoicing and Credit Notes
  • Handle automated re-ordering of stock items
  • Run Reports
  • Configure purchase-related Settings
  • Populate purchase-related lookups
  • Implement the whole system from scratch


Purchasers, Purchase Approvers and Pirana Administrators.


Basic computer skills and familiarity with internet browsers.

No previous knowledge of CMMS or Purchasing systems is required for this course.

Detailed Content

The Purchasing Process

A look at the process underlying the Purchasing Module, and the lifecycle of a Purchase Request.

Navigation and Lookups

The basic skills for operating the software.

The Purchase Requester

Submitting a Purchase Request;  viewing Requests.

Requests for Quotations

Creating and sending an RFQ;  comparing RFQs received;  adding the requested item to a Purchase Order.

Purchase Orders

Searching;  Record detail;  raising a Purchase Order;  Service, Blanket and Call-off Orders;  Adding Items to an Order;  Approve, Send or Cancel an Order;

Receive Goods

Receive Deliveries;  return goods to Supplier;  run the Deliveries Outstanding Report.

Invoice Checking

Enter and check an invoice;  invoice reconciliation;  Invoice Reports;  Credit Note Processing;  view Invoice History.


Requests, Quotations and Orders;  Deliveries outstanding and received;  Returns;  Invoices, and Invoices Not Reconciling;  Part Suppliers;  Committed Spend.

System Settings

Base Currency;  Company details; Default tax rate;  PO Number length;  Approval security;  Delivery and Invoice addresses.


Cost Centres, PO Prefixes, and tax rates.


How to set the system up, doing things in the right order.